Most Analog Output eval kits require boards, connectors, and plenty of attention. All of which can slow your time to market. 

That’s why we’ve created an optimized, proven, flexible multi-channel analog output that requires no lab equipment. Its isolator, voltage reference, DAC, and signal conditioner all work seamlessly together. 
Extensive diagnostics are included, and the design accommodates all standard signal ranges, both unipolar and bipolar. Do your evaluation as soon as you open the package.

What's Inside the Design Accelerator Kit:
  • 4-Channel, 16-Bit, Isolated Analog-Output Reference Board
  • USB-to-PmodTM Adapter
  • 2-Channel Capture Board for Voltage/Current
  • 24V DC Supply with International Plugs
  • Wire Clips and USB Cables
  • USB Stick with Software GUI and Documentation Files
Additional Evaluation Platforms 
Compatible with Xilinx® LX9 Spartan® 6 and Zedboard™ Zynq® 7020 platforms.

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Win an Analog Output Design Accelerator Kit

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