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MAX98395 11.7W Digital Input Class DG Amplifier
Thanks for your interest in learning more about our new MAX98395 11.7W Digital Input Class DG Amplifier with I/V Sense and Ultra-Low Quiescent Power.

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MAX98395 includes current and voltage sensing circuit (IV Sense) that provides real-time speaker feedback. Maxim’s IV-sensing feature enables useful applications such as speaker fault detection, echo reference for Acoustic Echo Canceller in applications like conference phones or IoT devices, and speaker protection/dynamic sound enhancement.
Maxim provides OPTIONAL DSM Speaker Protection Software Algorithm that unleashes the full potential of a speaker to achieve up to 2.5x louder(SPL) and significantly more bass, but operates on specific external host processors. The software integration and tuning require extensive support for qualifying opportunities only.
Therefore, internal review of the opportunity and approval are necessary before releasing the datasheet and software related collateral. Please only choose “yes” to the question: “Do you require DSM Speaker Protection Software Support from Maxim?” if this level of integration is required. Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate your interest.

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