USB-C EVKIT Giveaway
Official Rules, Terms & Conditions
  • No purchase necessary to enter or win.
  • A purchase or payment of any kind will not improve your chances of winning.
  • Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  • Review these Official Rules before submitting an entry.

1. Timing: The USB-C EVKIT Giveaway (“Giveaway”) begins on November 9, 2020 at 5:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) and ends on December 7, 2020 a 4:59 p.m. Pacfic Standard Time (PST). The Giveaway takes place online via completed form submissions.  

 2. How to Enter: To be eligible for the Giveaway entry you must:
 I. Agree to follow these official rules and terms and conditions (“Official Rules”) and 
II. Complete all the fields on the online entry form and submit the form by December 7, 2020, at 4:59 p.m.

3. Eligibility: The Giveaway is open to all legal residents who are over the age of 18 on the start date of the Giveaway and who have a valid physical and email address (“Participant”). Participants must participate as individuals, not as corporations, limited liability companies, or other entities. Officers, directors, and employees of Maxim. (“Maxim”), its subsidiaries, or its affiliates (including distributors and sales representatives) are ineligible to participate in the Giveaway. Anyone who is a resident of a country, province or state where the Giveaway is prohibited, taxed, subject to registration or bonding, subject to disclosure requirements (including without limitation requirements that these Official Rules or other Giveaway materials be published in a language other than English) or otherwise restricted under national, federal, provincial, state or local statutes, rules, orders, regulations, or other laws, is ineligible to enter the Giveaway. Maxim expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any participant who enters in violation of these Official Rules. By entering this Giveaway, each participant agrees to waive any additional rights granted with respect to the Giveaway by the country, state, or province in which he or she is domiciled.  If selected as a winner, the winning Participant must provide the Participant’s physical address and other information as requested by Maxim in order for Maxim to verify the Participant’s eligibility and ship the prize to the Participant.  Failure to provide this information within 3 business days of a request shall void the Participant’s eligibility to participate in the Giveaway and an alternate winner shall be selected.

4. Disclaimer: Maxim and its affiliates will not be liable for:
  • Any claims, damages, losses or injuries, including any third-party claims, arising from or relating to entry and participation in this raffle and acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prizes.
  • Prizes that are lost in the mail or have other unforeseen problems. 
  • Any technical or human errors, malfunctions, failures, etc. resulting from participation in this raffle.
  • Any failure to deliver the prize to the winner due to any national, federal, provincial, state or local statutes, rules, orders, regulations, or other laws, including but not limited to export control laws. 

5. Winner Selection: Maxim shall in a manner determined at its discretion select winners from the list of entries submitted during the timeframe specified in Section 1. If you are selected, meet the eligibility requirements, and otherwise comply with these Official Rules, you shall be awarded the prize specified in Section 7.

6. Winner Notification: You shall be notified via email if you are a winner. Winners should allow two to four weeks for delivery of the prize.

7. Prize: The prize will be one of the following evaluation kits: MAX77958EVKIT-2S3, MAX77860EVKIT, MAX77751CEVKIT, MAX77751FEVKIT, MAX14748EVKIT, MAX77756EVKIT, MAX77596EVKIT, MAX20323EVKIT#, MAX20333EVKIT#, and MAX20334EVKIT having a retail value of up to $100. Maxim is sponsoring and administering this giveaway, and also providing the prizes.

8. Taxes: All taxes, fees, duties, levies, withholdings, insurance, shipping, and other charges imposed by third parties, including but not limited to national, federal, state, provincial, and local income or VAT taxes, applicable to any prizes provided by Maxim are the sole responsibility of the winner.

9. Prize Substitution: Winner may not substitute the prize for any other prize or for cash. In the event the prize is unavailable for any reason, Maxim may substitute the prize for another prize of equal or greater value, in its reasonable discretion.

10. Prize Delivery: You must have a valid physical address to receive a prize.  Maxim is not responsible for lost or misdirected prizes, but if a prize delivery problem occurs, then an effort to redeliver the same prize or deliver a substitute prize shall be made by Maxim.

11. Errors and Disputes: In the event a dispute arises regarding ownership of any Giveaway entry, the person whose name is on the form entry associated with the prize number for the winning entry shall be deemed the winner. All decisions made by Maxim are final. By entering the Giveaway, you agree to be bound by the decisions of Maxim and these Official Rules. You and your entries may be disqualified if you attempt to circumvent these Official Rules.

12. Technical Problems: The Giveaway may be canceled, suspended and/or modified, in whole or in part, if in the opinion of Maxim any fraud, technical failure or other factor impairs the integrity of the Giveaway.

13. Release and Waiver: As a condition of entering this Giveaway, you release Maxim and its affiliates from all liability, and waive all claims and causes of action relating to any costs, injuries, losses or damages, including punitive, general, special, compensatory, incidental and/or consequential damages, and attorney’s fees arising out of or in connection with the giveaway or the delivery, mis-delivery or acceptance of any prize, with the exception of Participant’s reasonable and actual out-of-pocket costs incurred through entering and participating in the Giveaway.

14. Governing Law: Any dispute related to the Giveaway shall be governed by the internal laws of the state of California, without regard to conflict of laws rules.

15. Participant Information: Participants’ information shall be used to (1) administer the Giveaway, including contacting and announcing winners and (2) for marketing purposes subject to Maxim's Legal Notice and Privacy policy

16. Sponsor: The Giveaway is sponsored, endorsed and administered by Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. located at 160 Rio Robles, San Jose, CA 95134. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Giveaway should be directed to Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
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